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A Change of seasons, with 7.2.

by Burning hate, 112 days ago

7.2. has heralded a number of changes to the landscape of Warcraft, with it the process by which we gear has metamorphosis-ed. bringing mythic + and artifact power to the forefront once more. as a guild we have carefully researched this change and will be implementing some changes to our raid schedule to compliment. 

Wednsday and saturdays events are uneffected. we will continue to focus on heroic moving into mythic. 

on friday we will now begin organised pvp events with the view to move into rbg's this is partly because of an interested expressed by many of our members to participate in pvp and partly to do with the increased rewards you now receive from pvp chests in the rated brackets. 

on monday we will re focus our attention on mythic + attempting to throw out as many m+ groups as possible focusing on clearing +10's for the weekly cache. we acknowledge that gearing is difficult in this game, at the same time it is very clear that mythic + at higher levels offers gear competitive with heroic raiding, as such it makes more sense to re focus our efforts in M+ than to pursue normal nighthold. 

for more information or if you have any questions regarding the changes please contact burninghate or umuda in game 



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Welcome To Aurora

by Burning hate, 130 days ago

A mesmerizing field of lights dance across the night sky, bewildered on lookers stare on in awe, a transcendent display of raw power unleashed before them. They witness the ubiquitous Aurora. 

We are Aurora. A guild born of the night’s sky. A vast empty expanse suddenly filled with the radiation of the sun. As quick as we appear we are gone again, an unavailing of power so sudden and deliberate it hushes fans and critics alike. A dance of beauty across the nights sky. a sudden calm envelops the onlooker, as an eruption of chaotic power ricocheted throughout the heaves to bare manifest to this guild.

We are Aurora, a guild based on the venture co, part of the connected defias battle group. We are a PVE guild with over 50 years of combined leadership experience in guild and raid management. 

We recently took the decision to move our guild to the horde and with it came a new identity and a change in philosophy, we are Aurora a tenacious power that envelopes the landscape capable of both great beauty and absolute devastation, we are a guild that aspires to be the best while maintaining the fun and joy inherent to this game, at the same time unleashing our unbridled fury on our enemies be they raid bosses or the alliance. We aspire to form links and ties with our members, believing that a team is more than just as assortment of players but instead a series of individual pieces working in harmony with one and other to achieve greatness, with each part lending its support to create a whole that ultimately eclipses the sum of its part. This philosophy drives us forward to form a team of people not players, of friends and not characters, of human beings and not just voices behind a screen. we hope to build a community that looks out for each other and does everything possible to push each other further, sowing and reaping the fruits of our labour to push us to be the best we can be.



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Guild Move!

by Burning hate, 134 days ago

We have finally moved our guild over to this server. 

in the coming weeks we plan to finalise our raid team and push back into mythic, aiming to resume our position at the top.

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